Taking a Break: Will Be Back in March/April

Blog will continue however


Those who follow either my Facebook or Twitter pages would have seen me post on me taking a break over the next three or so months.


With Panuku now undertaking their High Level Project Plans for Manukau and Onehunga (Panuku: The Presentations and The Work Ahead for Panuku #BetterAuckland) and not due to report back to the Auckland Development Committee until April at the latest I am going to take a break on the Community advocacy front until then. If I am called up in a professional capacity for something like Panuku’s work with Manukau I’ll take that call. But for now on the advocacy front it has been a very busy five years and while Panuku undertakes their HLPP’s I feel it is a good time to recharge the batteries.


The blog will continue through the break period with the Summer Series due to start just before Christmas and I am sure Auckland Transport will do something in the interim to catch my attention. 


To the readers out there my thanks for being me on the ride leading up to this point.

To those on the then Auckland Plan and now Auckland Development Committee my thanks for listening to all those presentations since 2010 which have now culminated Manukau ending up as a Transform centre under Panuku.

And to Panuku: I’m still watching from Papakura 😉


Speaking at Council
Speaking at Council