Layton City – New Opportunities

Opening new fields for an ever growing city


One of my favourite pass times is Cities Skylines which is available on Steam. The game and simulation in building and running a city through C.S is pretty good and continues to improve as the modding community continue to tinker with it.

I like hone my planning skills from laying down the roads and zones when the city expands, to laying down public transport routes and then tinkering around with those routes or existing urban fabric as the urban area matures.


My current city – Layton City is also being used as a test bed for new gamification concepts I hope to send through to Panuku Development Auckland next year with the Manukau Transform project (see: Panuku: The Presentations and The Work Ahead for Panuku #BetterAuckland)


Layton City – New Opportunities for residents and businesses


Over the weekend I decided to start the next round of large-scale Greenfield expansion of Layton City. Meaning rather than small add-ons to a particular edge of the city that utilise existing services I am in this case building entire new residential areas, commercial and industrial centres, and new infrastructure services to go with it. In this case that meant the following brand new:

  • Water pumps
  • Treatment Plants
  • A second nuclear power station
  • New bus interchanges
  • New schools, high schools and a university (the 4th for the city)
  • New hospital rather than medical centre
  • Two new motorways including one being a bypass (I did forget a set of ramps so will need to install them when I next log in)
  • New heavy rail station and a modification of the Airport-City Centre Line
  • Two new freight train stations and accompanying tracks to connect to the main lines
  • Three new bus-ways

So as you can see some quite extensive and expensive new infrastructure going in for the southern expansion of Layton City (the first major expansion since Florence District and Hemlock Heights to the west of Layton City a couple of months ago (real-time))


Without further ado some photos of the weekend’s work at the southern end of Layton City


The next round will be some tinkering with Sharni Park and Sharni Square, adding those forgotten motorway ramps at Sharni Park and some continued local expansion around that southern area of Layton City.