LGOIMA to Auckland Transport #2: Delays to Manukau Interchange (again) Enquiries #AKLPols

A new set of delays and designs?


I was told last month that the Tender for the enabling works had been set down and the first stage of construction of the vexed Manukau Transport Interchange was to have started. Problem? No diggers. Reason? Auckland Transport are apparently doing another set of designs (the fifth set since 2013) owing to a bus operator wanting changes.


So I have sent another Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request to Auckland Transport asking:

To Auckland Transport

Subject: Latest updates and any subsequent delays to the Manukau Interchange

I have noticed through Auckland Transport website that the enabling works due to start late December, 2015 or early January, 2016 (according to the Tender documents) have been delayed to the following situation:

  • Final concept designs released: end of January
  • Enabling works: February – April
  • Main works: May until completion August 2017 (indicative per Auckland Transport in November when the concept drawings came out for public submission)


My questions to you are the following:

  1. Are those above dates different to any initial dates for the Manukau Interchange construction timeline as of at the end of November, 2015 when the public submissions on the Interchange closed?
  2. If the dates have changed what has caused this recent set of delays?
  3. What changes are being done to the concept designs that were released to the public in November and why please?
  4. Separately what are the results of the public feedback to the concept designs of the Manukau Interchange in November? That is:
    1. The percentage and raw numbers either in support or against the Auckland Transport concept designs
    2. Any alternatives suggested to the Manukau Interchange

I look forward to your reply


Source: https://fyi.org.nz/request/3520-updates-on-the-manukau-transport-interchange-and-any-new-subsequent-delays


It will be interesting to see what Auckland Transport has to say this time on delays and a triggering of a fifth set of concept designs for the Manukau Interchange.





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