A note on pile-ons

The story about the Teen Dad in the Herald today caused one of the bigger blow ups on Twitter since the 2014 elections.

But guess who caused it? No it wasnt Twitter actually who were debating reasonably and (within their right for engaging with the 4th estate) critically amongst themselves.

The journalist who wrote the article inserted themselves into the debate between progressives without prompting. Okay that gets the others debating with the journalist as the journalist has entered into the debate they were not prompted into.

However, things went south when the journalist took offence to being critically critiqued by readers even though critique is part of the role the 4th estate is meant to foster.

It really when south when the Herald’s Nippert decided to stir the pot mouthing off to everyone else putting them down for daring to question the other Herald journalist who rage quit Twitter this morning.

If there is blame it lays solely with the Herald for a tone deaf article. That is nice they praise the teen dad who looks after the tot one day while the teen mum who is still at school still looks after the tot every other time.

Now if the Herald published the story on the mum the framing and commentary from its primary readers would have been of vilification. But for the one day a fortnight dad its praise.

Sure Herald whatever. Oh and if the Herald was trying to prod Social Media to get a story for tomorrow’s pages well….