Auckland Council Through #UnitaryPlan Not Supportive of Te Papa North in Hayman Park, Manukau

Council against a precinct that would allow Te Papa North in Hayman Park – Manukau


I just happen to be casually going through Unitary Plan evidence by Auckland Council for Topic – 080 – Rezoning and Precincts (General) when I happened to come across this for Hayman Park in Manukau City Centre:


In short from the evidence:


13.1 I have considered the submission point (6318-2) by Te Papa Tongarewa seeking a new precinct on the south western part of Hayman Park, Manukau. In my opinion, the precinct provisions i.e. controls and assessment criteria do not provide sufficient certainty to the Council that matters including urban design, landscaping, and stormwater, and effects on Hayman Park; can be adequately addressed and adverse effects mitigated. A possible alternative could be to designate land on Hayman Park to enable the development of the National Centre for Collections, Learning and Exhibitions.



Basically Council does not believe the construction and operation effects of Te Papa North (which would take up to four hectares of prime Manukau City Centre open space) can not be adequately mitigated enough per the requirements of the Unitary Plan – Open Space – Information Recreation Zone. Thus Te Papa North contravenes the Resource Management Act.

The alternative as suggested would be for the Minister of Arts to designate the land although this arises in doing so:

  • 11.3 My concerns regarding the lack of controls over these matters is exacerbated by the lack of detailed, finalised plans for the National Centre, which is perhaps inevitable with a project at this stage of its development.

  • 11.4 In addition, the new precinct would have an underlying Public Open Space – Informal Recreation zone. The provisions of the precinct would be inconsistent with the provisions of the underlying zone, contrary to the IHP’s Interim Guidance Best practice approaches to re-zoning and precincts.

  • 11.5 The Council remains open to working with the submitter to resolve the matters outlined above, to the extent that this may be presently possible.

  • 11.6 Having regard to my merit assessment, I note that, in the absence of a precinct, a possible alternative is that the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage could lodge a notice of requirement to designate land on Hayman Park for the National Centre. The nature and scope of the proposal could be controlled through conditions imposed on the designation. However, the Minister would be required to take on financially responsibility for the designation


Source: Unitary Plan Evidence as embedded above


So without a designation from the Minister (not likely) Te Papa North is effectively dead in the water. It would have been dead in the water anyway for taking up a substantial amount of prime open space land as well as seen below from Council evidence:

Te Papa North precinct Source:
Te Papa North precinct


In mu opinion it would be better to put Te Papa North here:

Proposed Manukau Areas updated
Proposed Manukau Areas updated


It would sit on the hectare of land left over from the Manukau Transport Interchange also on the site. Now given this area is zoned Metropolitan Centre under the Unitary Plan we have a 72 metre height limit allowing a more substantial building to be built without triggering adverse effects as it would do in the Open Space zone sitting on Hayman Park.

Furthermore the proposed site I have listed is currently a car park rather than open space. Essentially better use of land for Te Papa North while saving green space at Hayman Park.


Might be time for the Council and the Minister to sit down and work all this out again as it isn’t going anywhere that is for certain.