Some Light Reading: Auckland Plan Annual Update – 2015

How is Auckland performing?


Looking at the comprehensive list of measures laid out in the Auckland Plan some things were tracking well while otherwise were behind the 8-ball in reaching their targets. This included productivity which has slid into negative territory for the 2014 year (the target is 2% productivity growth year on year).

I will go in-depth on the Auckland Plan Implementation 2015 Annual Update looking at the tracked indicators to see how Auckland is going on Wednesday.

But for now feel free to read both the Report and the Technical Report below:


Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015


Auckland Plan Targets Monitoring Report 2015


An excerpt from the Implementation Update:

The Auckland Plan anticipates an extra 276,700 jobs will be needed in Auckland by 2041. A substantial share of these jobs will be located in the zoned industrial locations in south Auckland. These areas include some of the prime industrial and manufacturing locations within the region and they play a strong role in Auckland’s economy and the economic growth of Auckland and New Zealand, generating $18 billion of GDP in 2012. An Integrated Business Precinct Plan has been adopted which provides a framework for the zoned industrial precincts for either light or heavy industrial uses within the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan south of the city centre. It seeks to support these industrial areas in a co-ordinated way so that they can continue to contribute to the delivery of the economic priorities of the Auckland Plan, Auckland’s Economic Development Strategy and TSI. At both a regional and national level the industrial precincts will have a role in contributing to government’s business growth agenda outcomes.

Manukau City Centre Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015
Manukau City Centre
Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015