Oh? Who is the Mayoral Candidate Calling a Laggard? #Auckland2016

Candidate Crone calling who what in regards to buses?


I noticed this pop up last night


In any case I don’t think what Crone was suggesting through what was in that link would help Auckland any way.

Not when more and better enforced bus lanes, bus priorities at intersections, and expansion of the rail system would be more effective in getting people around Auckland safely and efficiently.


Source: Auckland Transport
Source: Auckland Transport


One thought on “Oh? Who is the Mayoral Candidate Calling a Laggard? #Auckland2016

  1. Victoria Crone has a Marketing background which explains how she says so much with so little substance. Look at her website its all empty words & basically the part of the essay where you restate the question in your paragraph from NCEA Level 2 History.

    “Many Aucklanders experience difficulty in getting around Auckland — issues with both public transport and major traffic congestion. While there are some very good transport options coming our way, I am concerned we are taking old-world thinking to the impending problems that population growth will pose.”

    That’s a question, not a policy Ms Crone. She couldn’t even answer a direct question on whether she supports the CRL, so I doubt how she will answer how she will cut back on the CCO’s that were deliberately put out of the reach.

    Mark Thomas site is basically fancy solipsism which behind the figures he puts is basically Len Brown sucks vote moi Mark Thomas (Auckland 1960, Sorry 2040 Party)C

    Phil Geoff is wish washy but he will basically say what he needs to during the news cycle to win massively then not give a toss about the “Leafy Suburbs Zoning” because he wont have to make the platitudes any more with the Unitary Plan complete + Bill English’s & Phil Twyford backing which is a good thing tbh.

    Penny Bright at least we know what she stand for though not sure what she would actually do if she actually won, maybe legalise tax evasion socialism which would be counter intuitive really, would she have to seize her own house maybe Penny (Ratepayer) v. Penny (Mayor) would be a great movie?

    Steven Berry, not great on PT, but also wouldn’t support the roads either so balances himself out, but then if he had his way would rip up all the planning regs returning to simple Common Law Nuisance & have a fire sale on Council Workers so not all bad.

    If you want Len Brown x 2 vote Phil
    If you want to tear up the whole rulebook vote Steven Berry
    If you want Auckland 2040 vote Mark Thomas
    If you want AC to become a Marketing Firm that sells us driver less up in the “cloud” (just like her ideas) accounting software vote Victoria Crone.
    If you want to protest vote Penny or not vote like 80% Auckland wont 😀

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