Building it Right – Every Time

Make sure your Builder is the right one


With Summer construction projects continuing apace Auckland Council sends a message in regards to building and builders:

Building right every time

We all wish we could have The Block’s building team hammer away on our building work, however, there are a number of handy tips and tricks to look out for when choosing a builder.

Getting the right builder is one of the most important decisions for any new build or renovation.

Here are five key tips to consider when looking at builders:

  1. Ask for names of their last three clients: Just like a job interview, the work and feedback from recent work will paint a picture of what you can expect.
  2. Clean work environment: Check where a builder is currently working. You want your builder to run a clean, well-presented workspace.
  3. Qualified: Don’t skimp on credentials. Make sure your builder holds a building qualification and has the right class of LBP (licensed building practitioner) licence for the residential work they will be undertaking for you.
  4. Book early: Top building professionals are in high demand, do your research months before and get in early.
  5. Get an independent opinion:  If you’ve got a few options and can’t decide who to go with, seek outside advice from someone neutral like a quantity surveyor to assess the quotes and service being offered.


Auckland Council Building Control general manager Ian McCormick says finding the right people to work on your project is the single greatest factor in determining whether you’ll be satisfied with the final result.

“I encourage you to do your due diligence on your prospective builder or designer, ask around and make sure you check their history.”

“You will find that the people that you want to engage will be only too happy to provide details of prior projects and connect you with the proud owners. You need the best tools for the job, and if you hire right at the start you won’t look back.”



And don’t forget to check with Council whether a Building and/or Resource Consent is needed before you start.