Yes, the Government Has Said Yes to the #CRL 2018. No, them Poo-Pooing It Has Not Been Forgotten Either

Yes we know what National did between 2010 and Wednesday 27 January 2018


While we laud the fact the main project for the City Rail Link is set to start in 2018 thanks to the Government (see: #CRL Redux From Yesterday) it has not escaped attention that since 2010 National had poo-pooed it making up just about every excuse under the Sun. And while since around 2012-2013 I blogged that National would commit to a City Rail Link start date around 2017-2018 due to votes and their fourth term we can all finally go THANK YOU LEN BROWN for his tireless work in getting Auckland to the 2018 start line (see: Government Confirms to City Rail Link Starting 2018 #AKLPols . Thank You Len!).


The fact Government dithering until yesterday has not escaped the crew at Spinoff either with their A brief history of National MPs trashing the rail link they just funded post giving a recount on the last five and a half years of National dithering.

The link to the Spinoff piece “A brief history of National MPs trashing the rail link they just funded” can be read clicking the link. The pictures as they say tell a thousand words.


An excerpt


Given Key and Joyce are using the same language around road tolls in Auckland as they did in 2013 with the City Rail Link I think it is safe to say that in 2017 we will hear an announcement around tolling happening…