Well Dang: How to Alienate The Governing Body in One Sentence #Auckland2016

Advice to Mayoral Candidate Crone


That advice is be HUMBLE as you are just a single vote around a Governing Body table of 19 Councillors, one Deputy Mayor and often two Independent Maori Statutory Board members.

Why am I saying this?


From the New Zealand Herald on Mayoral Candidate Victoria Crone:

“”The reason I didn’t go in at either CEO or councillor level is because my skill set is too strong” – Mayoral Candidate Crone


That quote came from the “The woman who would be mayor” article in today’s Herald that I have linked above. I am quite sure that perception of Ms Crone’s skill set is one way to alienate the entire Governing Body of Auckland Council in one go because to me it seems she is too good to be the CEO (in charge of some 7,200 staff) or a Councillor who has just as much technical power as the Mayor does through voting (the Mayor still sets Committee structures and introduces Budgets).

This other quote doesn’t inspire confidence in me either:

She is worried about housing affordability but doesn’t mention any plan to change zoning to increase land supply. “I see the mayor’s role as a champion for the city. So in areas where council doesn’t have control, we really need to be influencing and lobbying [central Government].”

Given Council has direct control of zoning and the Rural Urban Boundary through the Unitary Plan and subsequent Public Plan Changes from next year I am seriously wondering what is going one with Ms Crone and her campaign team…


In any case that first quote I illustrated would be a case of: “achievement unlocked.”