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$33m savings with IT contract


From Auckland Council

$33 million in savings achieved on SAP partnership

A saving of $33 million over the Long-Term Plan has been achieved after the Auckland Council Group and software supplier SAP successfully renegotiated their strategic partnership.

The cost savings have been achieved as Auckland experiences rapid population growth, while still delivering the planned benefits for residents to enjoy when renewing dog owner licences, paying their rates or library charges online.

Self-services already offered on the Auckland Council website will be retained.

Initially, the next contractual phase of the partnership with SAP will be used by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport, with the offer open to other council-controlled groups should they wish to join in future.

This has resulted in the realignment of legacy council contracts previously held with SAP.

Group Chief Financial Officer Sue Tindal says: “The Auckland Council Group continues to examine its resources for efficiencies and savings – this outcome is evidence of this.

“Reaffirming our partnership with SAP is one I am delighted with, as it reflects the council’s drive for investment in Auckland’s future, balanced with financial prudence and best value for money. With SAP’s support, the council is enabled to evolve as Auckland’s population does,” Ms Tindal says.

Managing Director of SAP New Zealand, Graeme Riley, says: “As Auckland Council continues its digital transformation journey, SAP remains committed to this important strategic partnership. We are dedicated to supporting the council to realise efficiencies and savings as the city grows, while also delivering tangible benefits to Aucklanders.”




Excellent to see the $33m savings to Ratepayers and I am sure Council can find some more where it does not adversely affect the Ratepayer in return.


The Annual Plan is to be debated tomorrow before the Governing Body when it will then be set for consultation from the 15th for one month. Talking Auckland will be running the Annual Plan commentary as it happens.


My Budget and relative comparisons to Council's budget
My Budget and relative comparisons to Council’s budget