Mayoral Candidate Crone Received the Paul Henry Treatment #Auckland2016



This morning Auckland Mayoral candidate Victoria Crone was interviewed by Paul Henry this morning. You can watch the interview HERE.


I will leave the outcome of the interview to your interpretation. But Henry’s remarks at the end were the summary of that interview: a complete bollocking of someone who likes to play the sound-bytes like some Government Ministers but struggles with giving real answers.

There is a lot to being Mayor of Council and Auckland and I don’t think Crone realises the complexities of it (the interview certainly didn’t clear things up).


I also wonder if Crone realises that the CEO – Stephen Town and the Deputy Mayor (currently Hulse) basically make up the triumvirate that run Auckland Council and speak for the City especially to Government.


I look forward to Henry interviewing Mark Thomas and Phil Goff soon


Auckland Domain Source: Auckland Council
Auckland Domain
Source: Auckland Council