Labour and Government United on the #UnitaryPlan ?

Questions and answers in Parliament would suggest yes


So the 11 Councillors after yesterday’s briefing on the Unitary Plan are apparently resolute in wanting to withdraw Council’s Primary Evidence (thus the Council itself from the Topic) on rezoning. Well I recommend watching this:

While Labour are no certainly better (Albert Eden Local Board going NIMBY again) the Opposition did manage to point out that Government has its own speed wobbles with the Unitary Plan let alone the Council itself.

The Eastern Suburbs (who the MP, Local Board Chair and Ward Councillor got named in the House) have technically and effectively started a destabilisation campaign that needs to be nipped in the bud by the Government. Government has given warnings if the Unitary Plan is derailed and now those warnings must be followed through.

What is more is this:

The Panel afterwards has three choices in its Recommendations:
1) Reject the December position and go back to the 2013 original provisions
2) Accept the December position
3) Reject the December provisions and go for even MORE intensification across Auckland as they felt the RPS would have not been met by the Council December provisions.

Now if the Panel went for number 3 then what? Because there is a good chance the way Government and Labour have been sounding that is the way the Panel is going to end up.


But someone asked me this week what would happen if the Government did fully intervene if Council was removed from the Hearings for Rezoning (or bogged down in litigation from it). Well if one thought Three Kings was interesting enough then I would not put it passed the Government to side step the Council and bring the Unitary Plan through that way.

I would feel deeply sad for the 10 Councillors who stayed the course with the Unitary Plan but I would also feel a sense of relief for them as well with the burden shifted to the Government itself. As for the other 11? They can explain to their voters why they got sidestepped and removed out of the Unitary Plan process.


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  1. I asked Bill English after his IPANZ address yesterday about the revolt within Council and what it meant for the economy more broadly.

    “We support the Council’s work on the Unitary Plan to allow for more growth. They’ve got their own local discussion about how that occurs. They’ve relied on more intensification. One way or another the Plan has to deliver the capacity for Auckland to deliver so if they have a bit less growth ‘up’, then they’re going to have to allow for more room for more growth ‘out’,” English said.

    I then asked if the Government or Housing NZ would take legal action to enforce any IHP recommendations. He said he didn’t want to prejudge the Government’s approach.

    “But equally, there’s significant impact of that Plan on the national economy, on the cost to households of housing in Auckland — unfairness — so we have an interest in ensuring that in the end through the appropriate processes it delivers sufficient room for growth in Auckland,” he said.

    “If there’s parts of the community that want a bit less densification, then they need to support the Plan where it grows Auckland out further,” he said.

    I asked whether that would then cost the Government more money for extra motorways and railways.

    “It might cost the ratepayers more money too. That’s the point of having a local Council. They have to grapple with that. From the outside, the Plan has been heading in the right direction with some intensification and some growth on the edge of the city.”

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