Cities Skylines Snowfall: Neo Layton City Tries New Wares

But no not a “winter” map


Paradox released earlier this week the second expansion to the vaunted Cities Skylines franchise. Known as Snowfall mayors get to deal with the effects of weather including rain, fog and snow (if on one of the three Winter maps). With transit we now have trams available to move the people around as well as a road depot to keep the roads in good condition.


After having to take care of a few obsolete mods I managed to load up Neo Layton City (Layton City was too large to be retrofitted back) which sits on the European themed maps. While no snow the temperatures do drop low enough for the people to start whinging to install a city-wide central heating service.

But after some solid game play I have got Neo Layton City up and running. No high density stuff yet as I need 5,000 to get to unlock that side of city building. None-the-less though the new trams are working very well and are more efficient than the Metro-buses. That said the buses carry either 40 or 115 passengers to the tram’s 90 however, trams are more efficient over shorter distances with buses taking up longer distances until the subways and heavy rail options come in play.


Without further ado Neo Layton City as of yesterday:

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Hopefully to get some more game play in tonight and get the high density stuff going.


One thought on “Cities Skylines Snowfall: Neo Layton City Tries New Wares

  1. Can you run the trams as LRT, or only as mixed traffic trams/streetcars.

    I’ll probs wait for it to come down in price, by that point modders will have made some cool stations & trams that don’t look like the 2d stock development vehicles. The modders will probs make them LRV’s and they will have higher capacity’s as well.

    I wish there was an easier option for trenched rail, some great station mods but really find playing with the textures to create the trenching hard. Someone really needs to mod trenched tracks which lower create the trench at the same time as the tracks.

    Have you checked out the canal mods?

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