Getting Auckland to Grow Gracefully #BetterAuckland

Head of Productivity Commission outlines context of our sole International City to grow gracefully


Yesterday on NBR Radio the head of the Productivity Commission (currently undertaking work on urban planning in Auckland) outlined the benefits of cities (like Auckland), the problems they face (housing and transport) and the democratic deficit between the over 50 property owners and the under 35 non property owners when it comes to Planning (cue Unitary Plan).


I mentioned the democratic deficit in the SMCAKL event which I was a panel member of last week. For more on that you can go here: Rain, wind and fiery debate at #SMCakl


The comments made about the issues with cities and democratic participation can be heard below:



The comments along with the comments made by Finance Minister Bill English on Friday (Bill English to Auckland: Stay the Course with the #UnitaryPlan. Consequences Otherwise) are sage especially when it comes to inequity between the citizens of Auckland that WILL have a direct consequence to national taxpayers down the line.


So what to do?

Wednesday is the apparent showdown on whether we see Council withdraw itself from the Unitary Plan Hearings on rezoning through the 11 wayward Councillors. So it will be a case of who will win out? The 11 with #Agenda1960 or the current 10 with a true vision into the 21st Century.

More on the showdown on Wednesday.


Manukau Unitary Plan ammended res zones evidence 2
Manukau Unitary Plan ammended res zones evidence 2