The City Deserves a Voice at the #UnitaryPlan Hearings With Rezoning

Make sure Council keeps that voice for you – the Citizen


On Wednesday the City and the Council is faced with a very simple choice:

Do you want your voice to be heard (especially if you are not a submitter) at the Unitary Plan Hearings on the Rezoning Topic over the next two months?


If it is yes you want your voice heard at the Panel then TELL the Councillors that the Unitary Plan evidence must NOT be withdrawn on Wednesday at the Governing Body. 

If it is no then do the opposite. 


You see the Council represents on behalf of the City as a whole to the Independent Unitary Plan Hearings Panel when Council gives its evidence next month on the rezoning exercise. If the Council is forced to withdraw the evidence by a vote on Wednesday then that representation is gone for the topic. Council has no chance to answer nor defend challenges to its evidence by the Panel or submitters on the rezoning topic. Your representation again is just gone.


Remember all Council has done is lodge its own proposal alongside other submitters to the Panel for the Panel’s consideration. The Panel then makes its recommendations and sends them back in July. From there Council has the final say on what to accept or reject for the operative version of the Unitary Plan. So let the accepting and rejection of the recommendations be an informed one.


Keep the Council at the Hearings on Wednesday