Finance and Performance Committee – Refunds on Inorganics for Some #AKLPols

Finance Committee Digests



From Auckland Council keeping you in the brief:

Finance and Performance Committee discuss business performance and budget updates

Auckland Council’s Finance and Performance committee met today and discussed a number of topics, including some updates to the budget.

Key items on today’s agenda:

Budget update

This report updated the committee on changes to the budget. The committee received updates and agreed to changes to the following items:

  • Release of Birkenhead off-street parking fund

For $470,154 of the off-street parking reserve be released that will allow free parking for the public.

  • Miscellaneous remission: inorganic collection 2015/2016

The committee agreed to $1.5 million of unbudgeted expenditure to fund the cost of the inorganic service remission.

  • 135 Albert Street cladding

The committee agreed to bring $4.7 million forward from the 2015-2025 Long-term Plan budget to undertake necessary safety work.

  • Hobson Wharf infrastructure works

The committee approved funding of $860,000 for infrastructure capital works.

Other items

Other items discussed were:

  • Te Toa Takitini Maori responsiveness portfolio report-quarter two
  • Presentations from the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board
  • Disposals recommendation report
  • Auckland Council Performance Report
  • Bi-monthly business improvement and performance report
  • Albert Street cladding
  • Reports Pending Status Update
  • Summary of information memos and briefings – 25 February


The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items will be available on demand within 24 hours of the meeting.



Those due a remission on the inorganic collections will receive it in their final quarter Rates notice.