Queenstown – A #CitiesSkylines Winter Wonderland

First hit out on the winter maps


I didn’t get the Snowfall expansion of Cities Skylines for just the trams but also to give a whirl the winter maps where the temperatures never get above zero and the snow EVERYWHERE!


Today I founded Queenstown on the coastal winter map to test my planning out in a permanent winter system (Neo Layton City doesn’t get below 2C). So far so go with the snow ploughs keeping the roads clear of snow and the traffic moving.

Sadly though this is the first time I have had to use a fossil fuel plant to power a city as the wind options are not quite there until later on (in which when the cities get large I go nuclear any how).


However, the City is under way and this is what we look like before I start putting in the central heating systems:


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Once the population goes over 2,400 do I need to start putting in the central heating system with either an oil fired boiler station or a geothermal station.


The Snowfall rewards start coming up from about 5,000.


Going to be fun when I get to high density stuff later on.