#UnitaryPlan Residential Zones. Where Are We Going with the Mixed Housing Zone

Happy with what Council is proposing


While we continue to wait for a decision on the Out of Scope aspects of the Unitary Plan Rezoning topic (see: Independent Legal #UnitaryPlan Advice Unequivocal. Case of Negligence?) Council has released an updated position of the Residential Zone topologies. Meaning what can you develop in each zone class in the residential areas.


There are two main changes noticed with the Mixed Housing Urban, and Terraced Housing Apartment Zones:

  1. Mixed Housing Urban Zone has emphasis on three storey low-rise apartments (was reserved for the THAB Zone)
  2. Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone has moved from four to six storey limits to five to seven storey limits


You can read the presentation Council gave to the Hearings Panel below:


In pictures:



So the Mixed Housing Urban Zone has a renewed emphasis on low-rise apartments after the main focus was on terraced housing. Looking at where I live in Papakura (and under a Mixed Housing Urban Zone) our neighbourhood which is currently detached housing could very well get low-rise apartments over the next 30 years:

Papakura Unitary Plan Map
Papakura Unitary Plan Map


Not that it bothers us one little bit.  If anything intensified development would not only allow more people to be within reach of the Papakura Train Station but also lift the amenity of the areas through time as well. It would also kick up the value of our property as well through time as well so no complaints this end.

Oh and the Rural Urban Boundary is five minutes to the east of the area so country living is not that far away.


Finally apart from having the Additional Height Overlay for the Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone become another base zone for simplicity I agree with the changes Council has put forward for the Residential Zones. Makes part my presentation to the Panel next month a bit easier as I like agreements.


4 thoughts on “#UnitaryPlan Residential Zones. Where Are We Going with the Mixed Housing Zone

  1. It is interesting the HNZ have included view shaft regulations as part of there plan. It would be interesting to see the plan change especially for MC if they are tossed by the IP because I think people have submitted asking them to be tossed correct.

    Also did the HNZ submission mention anything regarding MPR’s it will be interesting to see the IP’s views on them.

    1. If the view shafts are tossed then 5 of the Metropolitan Centres can go for unlimited height straight off the bat. That in itself doesnt lead to a Super Metropolitan Centre being placed instead as the SMCs have a different set of objectives owing to the geographies of Manukau and Albany.

      As for MPRs, HNZ is no fan of them in the Centres and equally not much of a fan of them in the THAB Zone either.

      1. True, but would be great. MC should also include Panmure & Henderson in my opinion as well also New Lynn if not already one can’t remember if is or not.

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