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Where Housing NZ is going?


As reported yesterday (see: Housing New Zealand Makes Case for #UnitaryPlan Intensification. Also to Cross Examine Council) Housing New Zealand fronted before the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel to give its evidence on the rezoning of residential areas through urban Auckland.


From Radio NZ:

Housing NZ’s highest-density plan for Auckland

Updated at 8:21 am today. Todd Niall, Auckland Correspondent – todd.niall@radionz.co.nz

Housing New Zealand has revealed its plan for building higher density homes across Auckland.

It proposes more intensification in both wealthy and poorer areas, than the council.

For the first time it has produced zoning maps that it hopes will be adopted in the city’s 30-year blueprint: the Unitary Plan.

From leafy suburbs such as Westmere, to state house heartland in Mount Roskill, Housing New Zealand wants more town houses and apartments.

It has told the independent panel considering the Unitary Plan that Housing New Zealand land could handle more than double the current 31,000 dwellings.

Housing New Zealand currently owns 30,800 homes in Auckland, and said its proposal could add a further 39,000 on the same area of land.

The state-owned corporation is the biggest owner of housing in Auckland, and said its view was in line with a cabinet-endorsed ministerial submission to the Independent Panel considering the proposed plan.

It said the increased capacity was double that offered in the Proposed Unitary Plan, as it was signed-off by Auckland councillors in 2013.

That’s the plan now being debated.

More than 30 zoning maps presented by Housing New Zealand, show higher density zonings than proposed by the council in evidence filed in January.

That was prior to the council having to detune some of those plans following a political revolt by councillors, last month.

HNZ’s proposals cover not only those suburbs where it is a significant landowner, but also wealthier suburbs where it said the same principles should apply, of intensification along transport routes or close to town and employment centres.


…….Housing New Zealand has begun presenting its views at the same time that Auckland Council expert witnesses are being kept away from the crucial residential zoning hearings.

The council made the move after councillors voted 13-8 a fortnight ago, to remove some of the most recent proposed upzonings.

The council accepted legal advice that if its expert witnesses attended they could still have to argue for zonings no longer supported by the politicians.

Housing New Zealand’s counsel Dr Claire Kirman told the hearing that the corporation largely supported the now withdrawn council proposals, and that it would summons the expert witnesses for cross-examination.

The panel must compile a final version of the Unitary Plan by 22 July, and pass it to the Auckland Council to accept or to reject in part, raising the possibility of appeals.


Source and full article: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/regional/298650/housing-nz’s-highest-density-plan-for-auckland


This can be read as the official Government position with Housing New Zealand’s evidence combined with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and that Cabinet endorsed submission sent in on behalf of Minister Amy Adams (at the time).


The full suite of Housing New Zealand maps can be seen below:


Intensive stuff indeed.


Papakura Unitary Plan Map
Papakura Unitary Plan Map


6 thoughts on “Housing New Zealand #UnitaryPlan Maps

  1. I like this plan Judge Kirkpatrick pick this pick this. I also like the the MOE & MBIE are also actually behind this plan as well. With AC out of the picture and the IP actually needing to meet actual goals rather than score political points this should form the basis of any plan of course allowing room for better submissions on other areas like yours Ben for Manukau etc.

    1. Indeed most indeed.

      Ive been reading the Housing NZ submission and am inclined to tell the IHP next month when I present that I support their submission for residential and as a fall back if we dont go for that level of intensification then use my own submission (at least for the South).

      The Panel took apart Council’s capacity modelling for the Business Zones as well to which I have noted down. Cue a stronger case for the Super Metropolitan Centre.

      1. Yes, this could actually end very well for us in the end without the AC’s half in half out density.

        1. HNZ General Zoning more than double that of AC due to them also increasing the density of the zones types themselves.
        2. Your SMC.
        3. Less MPR’s & the Tossing of view shafts.

        This is actually going to well at the moment lol

  2. i’m getting the impression that 2040 and the terrified thirteen have shot themselves in the foot.

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