Crackdown on Liquor Outlets Sees One to have License Cancelled

Most vendors good, always one who fails


From Auckland Council:

Council cracks down on irresponsible liquor outlet

An investigation, carried out last month by council’s licensing inspectors and accompanied by the Police, has resulted in an application to have Southmall Liquor Bargain’s license cancelled.

This is the first such application In New Zealand under the new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and comes after Southmall Liquor Bargain sold alcohol to a minor for the third time in just over two years.

Rob Abbott, Manager Alcohol Licensing said altogether 23 licensed premises in Manurewa and the surrounding area were tested in a controlled purchased operation, four of which failed by selling alcohol to the minor.

“While we’re pleased that the majority of operators we tested are responsible license holders it shows us there’s still work to be done.”

A controlled purchase operation is where a person under the age of 18 is sent in to try and buy alcohol.

Chair of the Regulatory and Bylaws Committee, Calum Penrose says: “The sale of alcohol to minors is something we take very seriously.

“It’s our job to protect our young people from the harm alcohol can cause and it’s only appropriate that irresponsible premises have their licenses revoked.”

Under the new provisions of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, a premises which has had three failures within three years may have its licence cancelled by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Committee.



Excellent to see.



One thought on “Crackdown on Liquor Outlets Sees One to have License Cancelled

  1. Is it though, I mean does anyone really think these laws stop underage people from getting drinks. It’s almost as asinine as people who think laws banning drugs stop kids getting drugs. No all it does is mean drinking happens at unsupervised house parties and on the streets. I say bring down the age to 16 and instead like Amsterdam and Germany have Night Mayors and safe shared open spaces in the CBD where it is controlled and safer, because all this house party stuff is led to to many assaults and people sleeping getting woken up and pissed off. Maybe it’s just the Kiwi culture though Australia to people here can drink but they can’t handle it well.

    Disclaimer: Don’t drink.

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