Housing New Zealand Summons Council. All Out of Scope #UnitaryPlan Material Goes Virtual In-Scope

Previously withdrawn Evidence back in play before the Panel


Well it happened. The out of scope material the 13 Councillors tried to withdraw last month from the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel has come back into play with Housing New Zealand successful in summoning Council back to the Panel.



All out of scope material previously withdrawn for the Rezoning Topic of the Unitary Plan Hearings is back before the Panel formally and allowed to be used by any submitter (including technically Council itself) as well as the Panel during the Hearings.


This was the Council summons response:


Here is an example from Southern Auckland of the out of scope maps coming back into play:


It should be noted that the Isthmus including the Glendowie and Orakei areas which sparked the entire mess were also part of the summons by Housing New Zealand as well. 


In my interpretation the February 24 vote by the Governing Body to withdraw the out-of-scope material has been nullified by the Housing New Zealand summons.

Make of that as you will.


Papakura Unitary Plan Map
Papakura Unitary Plan Map