#UnitaryPlan Rezoning for the South Hearing Next Month. More Evidence Filed

New material means more evidence to be filed


I have just sent off some Supplementary Evidence to the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel in light of new material coming out from various public sources (Council, Auckland Transport, MBIE and Housing New Zealand).


You can read the evidence below but it continues to build on the case for the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre especially after residential capacity modelling has been refined and transport constraints in the South.


Supplementary Evidence to Topic 081f


The ACDC15 Modelling of Manukau going from a Metropolitan Centre to City Centre Zone (test run)


An extract from my Supplementary Evidence

Key reasons for the Super Metropolitan Centre are the following:

  1. Reducing commutes up the Southern Motorway and Southern rail Line through the Otahuhu-Mt Wellington bottleneck (thus achieving Auckland Transport’s no further than 80% going further north than Manukau).
  2. Reduction in such long commutes would benefit productivity (fewer people being strung up from the long commute).
  3. Physical environmentally beneficial if congestion can be mitigated by the above.
  4. Better for our mental health again owing to mitigation against long commutes.
  5. Open up accessibility to high paying and knowledge jobs to the South which does feel the effects of higher social deprivation.
  6. Required infrastructure investment could be reassigned elsewhere if long commutes are cut down and higher concentrations of employment are provided closer to home.
  7. Both the South and Isthmus cooperate with each specialising out to demands and needs.
  8. The South evolves its heart (Manukau City Centre) to their social identity and demands to that identity (the South affiliates with Manukau more than the main City Centre).
  9. Realisation of MBIE’s aspirations shown in the pictures above (to of benefit to the people of the South and to both the Auckland and national Economy).
  10. Sending a clear market signal that Auckland Council alongside Panuku Development Auckland that major investment into the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre is both attractive and viable through the life of the Auckland Plan.


Manukau Unitary Plan 081 Super Metro Zone
Manukau Unitary Plan 081 Super Metro Zone