BREAKING NEWS: I am Running for Mayor!!!

Prudent Policies to take Auckland Forward


Today I announce that I will be throwing my hat into the ring to run for Mayor in the upcoming Auckland Council elections later this year.

I plan to run on the following five point policy platform:

1) No Rates Rises
2) Increases services (for my small area and no one else)
3) The Eastern Highway and Third Road Harbour Crossing
4) Waterfront Stadium
5) More accountability (more interfering with Council Operations delegated to the CEO)


I look forward to not seeing you out on the campaign trail and my billboards saying VOTE 4 ME will be up very shortly in prominent public places.

You can soon go to my website where you can read up something about aspirations, volunteer to hold up signs at the side of the blocked Southern Motorway and donate to the cause but make sure it is under $100 so I don’t have to send in a declaration form at the end of all this.


More information will be sent out “soon” and for the media I am sure you will get all my wonderful press releases about the most trivial stuff like those 250 memberships to these things called Professional Organisations.


I thank you all in advance and most of God Bless America – oh wait….







Yes it is April Fools and yes I am being very ironic here but one has to wonder the reality behind some campaigns as the Council elections do dawn on us.

Food for thought this April 1!


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: I am Running for Mayor!!!

  1. What you don’t even support the full eastern ring via Rangitoto not a true traffic engineer m8

  2. Serious question, can someone run for mayor, councilor and local ward rep all at the same time? Thinking more of council and local board though.

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