Auckland Development Committee Agenda – April 2016. All Things Transport and Manukau #AKLPols

Heavy agenda covering transport (including Port of Auckland) and Manukau


We have a very heavy agenda for the Auckland Council Auckland Development Committee over at Town Hall this Thursday. Apart from the normal agenda we also have an Addendum (covering Panuku Development Auckland with Manukau) and two attachments covering transport and again Manukau.


The agendas and attachments are below.


Main Agenda:


Addendum Agenda containing Panuku’s Manukau Transform agenda:


Attachment with Panuku Manukau Presentation (March) and other briefings including Light Rail: 


Attachment with Auckland Transport’s analysis of the recent Transport for Future Urban Growth consultation:


The web versions can be found here under  Auckland Development Committee – 14 April.


Given the material in the Agenda pieces I will break them down individually over the next two days.


Happy reading.


Light Rail
Light Rail