Council: Beware of scam phone calls

No you are not required with insulation and heat pumps


From Auckland Council:

Beware of scam phone calls 

Auckland Council is warning the public not to fall for a scam involving phone calls from people claiming to work for the council.

The scam claims that it is now a requirement for homes to have insulation and heat pumps, and asks people if their properties have these installed. It appears to be targeting the elderly, with the caller asking how long occupants have been in their homes.

The caller then attempts to organise an appointment to inspect the property.

General Manager Building Control, Ian McCormick, says, “Auckland Council does not require existing properties to have insulation and heat pumps installed in the ordinary course of events. Anyone contacting you about this is not associated with the council.

“If you are concerned or suspicious of anyone claiming to be from Auckland Council, ask for identification, or contact the council on 09 301 0101 to check.”

Auckland Council has informed police of the scam, and advises anyone who receives similar calls to do the same.