Auckland Transport Ignores South With Future Transport Options

Never knew this actually meant something else


Auckland Transport has opened up the second round of consultation on the Transport for Future Urban Growth strategy (TFUG) which you can check out over here: Transport for growth in southern Auckland.


From Voxy:

Transport for future housing areas

Draft transport networks to support future housing and business areas planned for greenfields land in the north west, south and north Auckland are open for public feedback from tomorrow.

Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency have developed the draft preferred transport networks following technical assessments and earlier public consultation in February and March.

A key focus is on increasing access to public transport – with a well-connected rapid transit network at the heart of draft plans for southern Auckland, the north west and Silverdale-Dairy Flat. Another important focus would be new or upgraded roading to improve safety and connections to new growth areas.

For Warkworth the focus is to separate through traffic and freight movements from urban areas with the opening of the Ara-TÅ«hono PÅ«hoi to Warkworth Road of National Significance (RoNS) and new alternative routes. The network plan also includes a proposal to connect Warkworth and Auckland with a frequent express bus service.

Public consultation on the draft transport network for each area will be open for a month until 13 May with online feedback and public information days.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse says it is important to identify the transport needs for growing communities early in the process which why it’s vital the consultation is robust.

“About 110,000 new houses are expected to be built on future urban areas bigger than urban Hamilton. Significant new transport infrastructure will be needed to support the people living and working in those areas.

“Once finalised, the recommended transport networks will be included in Auckland Council’s structure plans that are developed for future urban areas.”

Auckland Transport Key Strategic Initiatives Project Director Theunis van Schalkwyk says there was strong interest during the first stage of consultation with 770 people attending events and 620 pieces of feedback received.

“People giving feedback identified access to public transport as the most important transport feature for both new housing and business areas. There were also a number of important roading connections identified in each area to support the growth.

“It is a good opportunity for people to help guide what mix of transport projects need to happen.”

The NZ Transport Agency’s Auckland Regional Director, Ernst Zöllner says by working together the Transport Agency, the council and Auckland Transport are ensuring there is certainty about the transport needed for new communities and business areas.

“The public feedback will be incorporated into recommended transport networks that will be considered by the Auckland Transport and NZ Transport Agencies boards.

“The networks will then be broken down into prioritised projects for inclusion in future investment programmes.”

The draft transport networks are available for public feedback at

Public information days will be held in Kumeu, Whenuapai, Dairy Flat, Wainui, Warkworth, Pukekohe, Drury, Takanini and Manukau.

Find out more and have your say at:




The full report from the first round of consultation can be read below:


After reading the report and seeing what Auckland Transport has put up on the short list it seems they are doing their game of consultation for the sake of it rather than for the sake of the community. Meaning it is a box ticking exercise with a predetermined outcome, something implied over at Transport Blog and pretty much confirmed over on my Facebook page.


South Auckland's prefered transport investment Source: Auckland Transport
South Auckland’s prefered transport investment
Source: Auckland Transport


And the “Identified a high frequency bus service connection between Drury, Hingaia, Takanini and Manukau, and walking/cycling link between Papakura Station and Hingaia” would be an example of the above exercise as I mentioned over at Transport Blog:

1) Effectively the Botany Line – a LRT between Botany, Manukau and the Airport. Heck even Councillor Dick Quax said yes to well a bus way (it is a start) for that Line and depending on demand you would start with a bus way first. That said depending on demand I would be tempted to LRT it right from the bat.

2) Express services: Well this is a given but can only be done once the Third Main is built.

3-4) I can see where the roading connections issue comes from given quite a lot of trips are within the South including freight.

5) Easy transport from Manukau to the south. If AT bothered to read the report given they even said the South prefers rail over bus it meant the Manukau rail South Link. Not some long-winded bus service they are proposing now that would take longer than the train and even the Southern Motorway jammed up.

This as someone said to me a sham and doing it for the sake of it not for the sake of the community, just like the Manukau Interchange which 67% did not approve of the design but AT went with it any way.



As for Pukekohe electrification indeed it was never mentioned in the initial round of consultation by Auckland Transport but it sure as anything got mentioned by submitters.


As fruitless as this seems to be I’ll go give my next round of feedback later today.


Potential Projects Source: Auckland Transport and NZ Government
Potential Projects
Source: Auckland Transport and NZ Government