The Neo Layton City Google Map Renders #CitiesSkylines

Cities Skylines (mod) allows to turn your Cities into readable Google Maps


So it was a tad wet in Auckland yesterday which means some serious Cities Skylines and the continued building of Neo Layton City as it reaches the Mature stage. The mature stage is reached when you hit the 90,000 achievement and start unlocking the big five monuments. The mature stage also means the Greenfield sprawl slows down considerably and focus starts heading to the Brownfields as urban renewal gets under way.


For Neo Layton City there is still some large tracts of Greenfield expansion happening in both the industrial and residential areas especially on the eastern side of the river.


Below is the Neo Layton City render for Google Maps (note the file is 12MB in size and over 10,000 x 9,000 resolution so not the best idea to open it on your phone):

Neo Layton City as of 17 April , 2016 Population nearing 105k.
Neo Layton City as of 17 April , 2016
Population nearing 105k.


I’ll try to get the Mass Transit map renders up this week and load them into the blog. Given there are seven subway lines, 35 bus lines and 30 tram lines spread through out the City you would think getting around would be difficult right? No it is surprisingly easy especially with transfers.



One thought on “The Neo Layton City Google Map Renders #CitiesSkylines

  1. Ben, you should download some train/tram mods way better than the generic models Here is the model for the newer Altrom SL X60 Stockholm Suburban Trains which are currently running & will run through Stockholm’s new Citybanan or their City Rail Link.

    Also excited about Train Fever was good but missing heaps, was Urban Games debut though and it looks like for this new game they have really been listening to what the fans were saying which for a niche game like this is good.

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