Neo Layton City – A Mature City That Continues to Evolve

Also someone mucked the population mod


Having unemployment go from 4% to 34% then back down to 28% is enough to make me go OH WHAT THE with Cities Skylines. However, I am working out whether the Population mod has caused the upset (the workers bonus was tweaked) or whether a monument that allows citizens to be educated more quickly has caused the imbalance and the game is working its way through (given farms, ore extraction  and general industry have started expanding again).


Any case that aside over the weekend Neo Layton City hit is mature stage (population goes over 100,000) and your planning shifts from straight focus on sprawl to a mix of incremental sprawl and larger-scale urban renewal in the existing urban areas. The mature stage also means it is a good time to get screen-grabs of your mature City and to share – which is what I am going to do below.


Neo Layton City continues to expand and new industry is built on the edge of the existing city. Given industry need residents who then need commercial services those two respective zones soon follow the new industry. The new areas are then connected back to the existing city through existing transport services and often new ones built (like new rail cargo hubs (and rail spurs), a new port expansion and even a new 2-lane highway that runs in a semi-ring on the eastern side of the City connecting the new industry to the motorways, City Centre and the port.

Existing commercial areas that have spare land (not all the commercial and even office space is developed at once when zoned) are slowly being developed especially as that population/unemployment glitch is slowly rectified and businesses realises OH LOOK WORKERS! Meanwhile I am working out whether to place a new 3.5km subway tunnel underneath the City Centre area to allow a demerge of the two main north-south metro lines that run underneath the City Centre and given them their own separate tunnel. Of course this means demolishing buildings for the new subway stations and even narrowing the road from 6-lanes to 4-lanes (both with bus lanes) but in the end the Metro system’s reach is expanded in the City Centre area.

All things to consider in a City that never stops.


Neo Layton City as of 24 April:

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When I load the game today I’ll check the City Centre statistics as I think it has changed fro 67% office population to 55% residential giving such an high imbalance in the area. If this is the case Ill be rezoning for certain when the new subway tunnel is built.