Government to Allow Electric Cars Down Bus Lanes and Bus Way

Government decides to worsen Auckland’s congestion


This from the Government today:

Govt moots bulk-buy of electric cars

10 minutes ago

The government plans to investigate purchasing a bulk number of electric cars in a bid to get 64,000 of them on the road.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges this afternoon announced a series of measures to increase the purchase and use of electric vehicles, including making them exempt from road user charges until they make up 2 percent of all cars on the road.

The benefits of electric cars are far-reaching, but cost and availability were preventing many people from switching, Mr Bridges said.

At the moment there are only about 2000 electric vehicles, but the government said it aimed to double that year-on-year until 2021.

The government will investigate bulk purchasing for government and private sector fleets, to build demand that will bring the cars to New Zealand at a more competitive price.

The package also includes letting electric cars drive in bus and transit lanes, and a $6 million annual fund to support low-emission vehicle projects.

Green Party transport spokesperson Julie-Anne Genter posted to Twitter saying she was not impressed.




Effectively as the Tweet shows below those who can afford an electric car will be allowed to drive down the Northern Bus Way effectively clogging that up eliminating all efficiencies and savings in commuting that the Busway gives over the Northern Motorway:


The Government has effectively made the bus lane and the bus way effectively useless and congestion actually worse. A better bet would have been to expand the heavy rail network, start the light rail network and make all buses electric. But no this Government continues its car fetish with this policy harmful to Auckland.


Oh and remember:

Productivity for the 2014 year. Source; Auckland Plan Annual Implementation Update
Productivity for the 2014 year.
Source; Auckland Plan Annual Implementation Update


Can’t see that getting any better if bus ways can be used by cars…


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  1. I am very pro car, but this idea of letting cars on the Northern busways just crazy. If they were automated cars, that would be a different story, but you only need one driver who wants to drive at 50 km an hour (many people seem to want to drive on the motorway proper at 80km/h) and everybody on buses get slowed down. Just seems crazy! But the Auckland Council may be able to veto it so we’ll see what happens.

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