#TransformManukau – Our Identity. Part 13 of the Manukau City Centre – The Transform Series

Also Panuku have a competition for you


The writing of identity with Manukau City Centre comes perfectly in line with Panuku running a competition on what they call ‘The Face of Manukau.’


From itsNoon:

What is the face of Manukau?

#Call launched by panuku_development_auckland

Manukau is unlike any other place in New Zealand. With a strong Maori heritage, its position as the world’s Pasifika hub, and its creative and economic potential – it should be the thriving heart and soul of the south.

Over the next 20 years, Manukau’s metropolitan centre will be transformed.

There is genuine desire to create a vibrant, family-friendly centre that reflects and celebrates south Auckland’s diverse cultures.

Panuku Development Auckland wants your help as it builds the Manukau story – what’s important to you, what would you love about the place, what is it missing like to see/do in the town centre. What is the face of Manukau?

It might be a place, or a face.  It could be a sound, a saying, a song or a culture.

Post your ideas by uploading videos, song, text, illustration or whatever it might be, and tell us… what is the face of Manukau?

If selected your work could feature in documents to promote Manukau’s transformation or help inspire the design of buildings and spaces.

There is $5000 to share among participants.


Description of the remuneration

7 selections will receive $500 each.

Extra support  will be distributed out.

Every upload gets $5


Curatorship criteria

1. Appropriateness of response to the theme and specifications of the call/question
2. Quality of Response: originality, creativity, impact and technical feasibility
3. Originality of Response: whether the creative response is original, or you have the right to use elements that you have copied / borrowed.
4. Diversity of Perspective: we want to represent the diversity of Manukau (gender, ethnicity, cultural background, language and points of view).
5. Use of material: If selected, Panuku Development Auckland will contact the artist to discuss usage, but reserves the right to use any material to promote the Transform Manukau project and agrees to publish a credit to its creator.


Launched on: 12/05/2016

Deadline: 1 July 2016


Source: https://www.itsnoon.nz/call/19


I have sent up two pieces of concept work already both around The Face of Manukau (so identity) and The Meeting Place (economic participation and quality of life) for Panuku to consider as part of their competition they have going.


The first one was around a site specific for Manukau: The Meeting Place of the South:

Manukau: Now Plan Future
Manukau: Now Plan Future

The short description:

Manukau: Now, Plan and Future

The Face of the Future with Manukau, what will it be as The Heart and Soul of the South.

From a Centre dominated by cars to a Centre where people can meet, live, work and play. All connected by rapid transit systems of bus and rail (heavy and light).
Let’s make better use of land in Manukau and make Manukau The Meeting Place of the South.
(Sketchup rendering is of a mixed use commercial/residential development over the top of the current surface car parks at the Westfield Mall Manukau (parking is under ground)).



So using the above as a way of improving the quality of life in the South through increased economic participation in this case driven by development and mass transit investment.


The second one looks at the many faces of the South coming together:

Manukau: The Meeting Place of the South
Manukau: The Meeting Place of the South


Manukau: The Meeting Place of the South

Manukau City Centre, the heart and soul of the South.

Manukau is where the many faces meet, live, work, play and learn.
Manukau is the beacon in improving the quality of life thus increasing the economic participation of the people of the South.
Let Manukau with the many faces of the future come together in driving those improvements and participations.
Attribution of middle photo: Jobfest 2015, MIT – Manukau. Auckland Council.



That concept art gelling together everything that gives the identity the South would attach to its soul and heart – Manukau City Centre.


But as the second concept art showed: “Manukau has a story to tell and we all need to be part of that story.”

So tell me and tell Panuku who keep an eye on the blog your story of; what is the face of Manukau and what is the identity you might attach to it.


Manukau City Centre Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015
Manukau City Centre
Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015