New Zealand and New Zealand

The Budget can already be termed The Do Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone Budget given that the number one issue – housing will not be even addressed in the urgency and respect that it needs and that the polls (78% of all voters and 61% of National Voters according to Reid Research) demand.

With Key personally commenting also on the Greens rail and sea freight policy you know the Prime Minister (but not the Government) is on his last legs.

With Bond and OCR rates so low this is the time to build the infrastructure including housing ready for the next economic boom. One has to remember in Macro Economics surpluses take money out of the economy so I have no idea why English is wanting to do that given inflation is 0%.

There is so much to do but the Prime Minister is caught like a deer in the headlights wedded to his polls which are fast showing a disapproval of him.

And while Key looks to Labour for that knife I suggest looking inwards instead. Remember Shipley vs Bolger especially with Winston in the comeback trail AGAIN.