Deputy Mayor Hulse Outlines Gravity of Housing Situation #AKLPols

Government intervention will be needed


With the Unitary Plan recommendations to come through on July 22 and with the Government continuing to fail to intervene in any meaningful manner Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse lays out the gravity of the housing situation in Auckland:

As I pointed out in my Government Infrastructure Loan A Flop #NZPols post the $1b loan from the Government does not even cut it to get two major infrastructure projects built to enable the housing needed in Auckland. Those two projects being the Southern and Central Interceptors (sewer trunk lines that feed into the Mangere Sewerage Plant) that cost $700m and $900m – $1.2b respectively.


It will cost approximately $3b to get the basics up and going to allow housing to get under way properly:

The Central Interceptor is a $900m-$1.2b scheme by Watercare to run a new main wastewater trunk through Isthmus Auckland to the Mangere sewer plant in South Auckland. The interceptor would add capacity to the network and better mitigate against overflows from storm water entering the Waitemata Harbour as happens currently after each storm The Central Interceptor is needed to allow intensification to happen on the Isthmus where the highest housing demand is in Auckland as well as help cater for Greenfield growth out in the north-west areas like Westgate.

The Southern Interceptor is a $700m proposed project (also by Watercare) to replace the ageing and at capacity sewer trunk line that runs along the western flanks of South Auckland (it can be seen in the Wiri and Puhinui reserve areas) and connects also to the Mangere plant. The Southern Interceptor is a point on consternation between Auckland Council and developers wanting to develop land north-west of Wiri from rural to industrial land (as the interceptor does not have the capacity to handle that growth). The Southern Interceptor will also need to be replaced to cater for both intensification in existing South Auckland (Manukau area) and Greenfield areas like Addison, east Papakura, Karaka and Drury South (until they get a new wastewater plant).


So to replace both interceptors needed for housing growth over a large area of Auckland the price tag already sits at a conservative estimate of $1.9 billion. And we even haven’t come to transport yet especially in South Auckland.


Potential Projects Source: Auckland Transport and NZ Government
Potential Projects
Source: Auckland Transport and NZ Government


$230m to upgrade the Southern Motorway between Papakura and Drury, $70m to place the Third Main on the Southern Line between Wiri and Papakura so freight trains do not clash with passenger trains, $118m for Pukekohe electrification and two new stations (three are proposed) on the Southern Line, $400m for even the scaled back Mill Road corridor project (both northern and southern sections), $100m would easily be sunk upgrading SH22 from Pukekohe to the Southern Motorway at Drury, and the list goes on. That price tag for transport in Southern Auckland is $918 million ALONE and I have not even gotten to Westgate or Silverdale further north yet.

Total price tag is: $2,818,000,000 and I am still not even listing things like wastewater plants in Drury.


Source: Government Infrastructure Loan A Flop #NZPols


So when will the Government finally step up and stop tinkering?