Layton City: Rolling out the Mass Transit Network

Roll out of the mass transit network begins

Ben's Cities

An 8-80 City needs mass transit

With the foundations now laid down for Layton City the expansion begins towards a large-scale city. Yesterday the City went over 10,000 residents which signals time to start investing in the mass transit system.

With Cities Skylines you have the mass transit options of:

  • Bus with bus stations
  • Trams
  • Heavy Rail passenger
  • Subway
  • Taxis
  • Ferries (if the Ferry mod is installed)
  • Cycling lanes and cycle ways for active transport

I also have some mass transit improvement mods that allow me to better fine tune the mass transit systems (including vehicles to a line and even the fares), network extension pieces to build bus-ways, and transit hubs that have rail, subway and bus all together. For ‘park and ride’ I downloaded some parking buildings that combined with the Rush Hour mod allow people to actually drive up, park and catch mass transit (the game allows…

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