#UnitaryPlan Recommendations Back With Council

Business end of the deal next


4pm marks the next significant stage of the Unitary Plan as it inches closer to going live next month.


At 4pm today Environment Court and Independent Hearings Chair for the Unitary Plan David Kirkpatrick will hand over the 1000 pages of recommendations on the Unitary Plan as well as the recommended version of the Plan itself to Council CEO Stephen Town.



The hand over today despite no pomp and ceremony ends the Hearings stage of the Unitary Plan and marks the decision making time by the 20 Councillors and the Mayor on how the final version of the Unitary Plan will be shaped on August 19.

Next Wednesday the Councillors, public, media and submitters will see those recommendations as a core group of planners spend the weekend reading the recommendations, forming advice and uploading those recommendations to the Council website.


Once the recommendations go public I will run an information series through until August 19 where Council need to notify their final decisions.


This is now the business end after three years of submissions and hearings. How will the final version end up?