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Integrated Fares finally arrive


From Auckland Transport


New Zones Make Fares Simpler

New zones start 14 August 2016

The new, Simpler Fares system starts for all bus and train services on 14 August 2016*. The new zone map has colour coded zones across the whole of Auckland so it is easy to work out your cash or AT HOP fare.
*Excluding SkyBus services

With an AT HOP card, you will pay for one entire journey from A to B, instead of paying for each bus or train separately. Tag on and off each bus and train as you do now, and simply count the number of zones you travel through to work out your fare. During your journey you can use up to five buses or trains within four hours, with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between each trip.

There is a new AT HOP monthly pass, a new AT HOP day pass and a new AT HOP child weekend fare.

Preview of the zone map

New zone map

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 New zones make fares simpler

Fares table

To find out your exact fare go to from 14 August 2016.

Note: If you are travelling by train between west and south Auckland via the city zone you will not be charged for the city zone if you do not tag on or off in that zone.

These fares do not apply to SkyBus services (

* Child and Accessible AT HOP and Tertiary fares only apply when paying with an AT HOP card with the relevant concession applied.
Fares subject to change, correct at 14 August 2016.

Zone overlap areas

Zone overlap areas at some zone boundaries allow for travelling to the edge of zone boundaries without crossing into another zone.

For example: If you travel from Titirangi in the Waitakere zone or from Avondale in the Isthmus zone to the New Lynn bus & train interchange, you will only be charged for one zone, $1.80 with AT HOP.

If you are travelling within a zone overlap area as part of a journey and paying with an AT HOP card (this means tagging on and off within the same zone overlap area), this may count as travelling through a new zone. From 14 August 2016 you can refer to for the correct fare. Find out more about each of the zone overlap areas, including lists of the bus stops and train stations in the zone overlap areas.

Upper North Shore, Hibiscus Coast

Isthmus, Waitakere

Isthmus, Manukau North

Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore

Huapai, Helensville

Isthmus, Manukau North

Huapai, Waitakere

Manukau North, Manukau South

Isthmus, Manukau North

City, Isthmus

Manukau South, Franklin

Isthmus, Manukau North

Changes to AT HOP monthly pass

A new $200 AT HOP monthly pass is the single monthly pass option for buses and trains. This gives you unlimited travel on Auckland’s bus and train services (except SkyBus services).
The pass is valid for one calendar month from the first day of use.

  • The new all zones pass will be sold at an introductory price of $140 from 1 July to 13 August 2016.
  • AT HOP bus and train monthly passes purchased before 1 July will continue to be accepted for travel until midnight 30 July. They will not be valid from 31 July onwards.
  • Before purchasing a new monthly pass don’t forget to check out the cost of your travel using the new Simpler Fares zone system as you may find it is cheaper paying as you go from 14 August 2016.

Changes to AT HOP day pass

One $18 AT HOP day pass for unlimited travel on all of Auckland’s bus, train and inner-harbour ferry services, excluding SkyBus, will be introduced on 14 August 2016.
The pass will be valid until midnight on the day it is first used.

  • The current AT HOP day pass options will be withdrawn after 10 August 2016.
  • Passes purchased before 11 August 2016 must be used before 14 August 2016 as they will not work from that date onwards.
  • Inner-harbour ferry services include Bayswater, Birkenhead, Devonport, Northcote Point and Stanley Bay.

New AT HOP child weekend fare

Great news for families, a new AT HOP child weekend fare will apply to weekend and public holiday journeys when paying with AT HOP with a child concession applied (excluding SkyBus services).

Make up to 5 bus or train trips over a 4 hour period across any number of fare zones with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between each trip and pay only the AT HOP child weekend fare. This fare is 99 cents as at 14 August 2016.

A single trip AT HOP child fare on the CityLink bus is just 30 cents any time.

To make sure your child is getting the best fare get them an AT HOP card and apply the correct concession discount. To apply the child (5-15years) or student (16+ years) concession, register their card online at and follow the instructions for loading a concession discount on it. Set up Auto Top Up at the same time and you won’t need to think about it for the rest of the year.

Removal of train child monthly pass and train family pass

The last day to purchase a train child monthly pass or train family pass will be 31 August 2016. The last day they will be accepted for travel is 30 September 2016.

If you pay with cash, you will pay for each bus or train you catch then add them together to work out the total cost of your journey.
If you pay with AT HOP, you pay for the total number of zones you travel through on your journey. You can use up to five buses or trains within four hours with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between each trip.
Bus and train cash fares will always work out more expensive than the equivalent AT HOP fares (except for SkyBus services).

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here. The registered prospectus for the AT HOP cards is available here (PDF 88KB). The most recent annual certificate relating to the registered prospectus for the AT HOP Cards (as required under the Securities Act (Auckland Transport) Exemption Notice 2011) is available here. The most recent financial statements of Auckland Transport are available here. The obligations of Auckland Transport under the AT HOP cards are unsecured.




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