#TransformOnehunga Replaced by Truck-Way

Motorway takes priority over community space


Well Transform Onehunga is pretty much dead in the water thanks to NZTA’s and the Government’s fetish with motorways over transit and community spaces.

From the NZ Herald:

Motorway takes priority over waterfront development on Manukau Harbour

A plan is being drawn up to sell land earmarked for a waterfront development on the shores of the Manukau Harbour for a new motorway.

Political sources have told the Herald that council bosses have dumped a plan for Panuku Development Auckland to buy the Port of Onehunga wharf to develop along the lines of Wynyard Quarter.

Instead, the land will be sold to the Transport Agency for a new $1.8 billion east-west motorway between Onehunga and Mt Wellington. When the agency has used land it needs, it will sell the remainder to Panuku for development.

Onehunga Enhancement Society chairman Jim Jackson today welcomed the prospect of the Transport Agency taking over the port area to address environmental issues, but the idea does not sit well with others.

“It’s going to make life easier for the transport agency, which is good for them, but not good for Auckland,” said one source about plans for a waterfront village, apartments and commercial uses at the wharf.

Another source said the deal will “shaft the good folk of Onehunga”.

At midday today, Ports of Auckland spokesman Matt Ball said the plan was “not true”.

Four hours later, Auckland Council, Panuku, the Transport Agency and the ports company issued a joint statement saying they are in the early stages of negotiations around the sale of the Onehunga wharf to the transport agency while the motorway is built.


………Since November last year, the transport agency has firmed up plans for an east-west motorway costed at $1.25b to $1.85b. Plans show the motorway requires a large interchange around the Onehunga port area.


Source and full article: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11720253


So a motorway that went from $135m initially to now $1.85b takes precedence over community and urbanisation of the Onehunga Wharf area that would have turned it into a mini-Wynyard Quarter complete with a small fishing industry base alongside.


Source: NZTA
Source: NZTA


Transform Onehunga was one of the two big Transform urban regeneration projects picked and set out by Auckland Council and to be overseen by Panuku Development Auckland – the other was Transform Manukau.

I can not see how Transform Onehunga can now proceed with a hulking motorway interchange and East West Link severing the wharf area it just would not work and even if you did manage to pull off some kind of half transform in the smaller footprint left behind the amenity being right next to a large interchange would be rather poor.


An appalling decision by NZTA and the Government when a more viable option for the East West Link was present that would have not harmed Transform Onehunga at all. An option that would have cost only 33% of what NZTA are planning now while still giving better benefits than what NZTA is planning now.








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