Council Committee Structure Needs a Change – For More Autonomy

Flexibility needed


One of the few qualms I would ever have of Len Brown’s leadership was the centralised near autocratic leadership and message control that he and his Office would employ. It made decisions rather trivial at Committee level, and Council extremely sluggish in handling communications and enquiries. The sluggishness and heavily centralised control pattern meant Council was prone to getting a good whack often when it did not deserve it (really).


Moving forward into the Goff-era I hope Goff himself takes on a few pointed like what Ryan has said below:




The Committee Chairs and the Deputy Mayor need to operate with decent independent support and allowed semi-autonomy in decision-making. This would as Ryan said allow them to champion messages and policies while being nimble enough on the communications front as well.

Will see where Goff goes after the swearing-in on November 1