Papakura and Takanini Park and Ride Omnishambles. New Councillor – Newman Fails Acid Test

Yay for more using trains, ouch for the parking issues though


If you live in Papakura and catch the train from Papakura Station you might be struggling to find a park at the Park and Ride recently. That is probably because that by 8am both the east and west Park and Ride facilities are full and cars are spilling into the streets. When we most moved to Papakura in 2011 you could usually find a park close to the Park and Ride. Fast forward to 2016 and you are off for a at least ten minute walk to the platforms if you drove to the station.



And that problem of overflow is only going to get worse even with the New Bus Network starting late October as Papakura and surrounds continue to grow (7,000 homes within 30 years).

Two improvements are on the way but will they be enough:

  1. Temporary two-level park and ride structure on the eastern Park and Ride with extra spaces for 200 cars. There was not enough funding for a more “permanent” structure in the Auckland Transport Budget Lines
  2. Feeder busses although will the frequencies be enough (half-hourly or hourly and in some cases not on weekends)


Papakura Busses under new network Source: Auckland Transport
Papakura Busses under new network
Source: Auckland Transport



Takanini is in no better situation with not even a Park and Ride planned due to the land needed being owned by Land Information New Zealand

Takanini Station woes
Takanini Station woes


I have two Local Government Official Information Act requests with Auckland Transport that are due back in November on where things are going back with the two stations and their park and rides (permanent or impromptu). The acid test goes onto our Ward Councillors to resolve the situations with Auckland Transport as fast as can be done if we want to not put people off due to parking or feeder bus issues.

Speaking of acid test it seems Councillor-elect Daniel Newman has failed the test already. An issue was brought up in the community pages on the Great South Road traffic congestion. The chat was calm and different ideas put forward. I tagged Councillor-elect Daniel Newman into the conversation as it warranted a Councillor to keep an eye and even discuss the issue. For my efforts the Councillor-elect has blocked and can no longer really participate in the conversation.

Is it really fit for a Councillor to block people en-mass that he might not agree with or people that might ask questions? Nope it certainly is not. Questions of his fitness as an elected representative will soon be asked if he keeps up that school like behaviour.



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  1. His blatant censorship of posts and comments on several social media pages is of very real concern. During the run up to the elections, I noted he was listing himself as Daniel Newman JP………..strange, he doesn’t appear anywhere on the JP lists. Now that’s a really serious matter!!

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