Franklin’s Bill Cashmore as Deputy Mayor of Auckland Council

Council flips to a conservative one


And seems Goff has pretty much confirmed his choice as Deputy Mayor if the Herald is anything to go by:

Phil Goff chooses Bill Cashmore for Auckland’s deputy mayor

2016 photo of Auckland councillor Bill Cashmore. Photo / supplied NZH 10Oct16 -
2016 photo of Auckland councillor Bill Cashmore. Photo / supplied NZH 10Oct16 –

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has chosen Franklin councillor Bill Cashmore to be his deputy mayor.

The Herald has learned that Cashmore, a second term councillor and National Party member, has been given the role.

It is understood that former deputy mayor Penny Hulse, North Shore councillor Chris Darby and Whau councillor Ross Clow have been appointed as chairs of major committees.

Goff is expected to announce Cashmore as deputy and a new committee structure tomorrow.

Cashmore is seen as solid, likeable, a good operator and capable of getting numbers round the council table. It is understood he was always the frontrunner for the job, which comes with a salary of $151,850. He is 59.

Hulse was ruled out early because of her close ties to former Mayor Len Brown and a desire by Goff to put plenty of distance between his council and the Brown-Hulse regime.

She also does not have good relations with some councillors.

Cashmore said he had not officially heard that he had been appointed deputy.

“If it’s true I’m humbled and I will put my back to the job as hard as I possibly can.

“Penny Hulse set the bar very very high and I recommended to Phil she should stay as deputy. I will be going to Penny Hulse for advice and guidance because I have a huge amount of respect for her, ” Cashmore said.





Earlier today I said: Councillor Cashmore from Franklin presents the problem of having two men from South Auckland at the top job which will just alienate everyone else. (Goff Fails Acid Test and Commits Fatal Error in Selection of Deputy Mayor #VoteAKL)

The problem does not stem from Cashmore being incapable as he is more than capable of the role (and was my second pick after Hulse), the problem stems from the vote split which alters:

Goff does not control a majority on nominal terms and if so I say it would be a 11-10 split which is bloody tight.


Interesting choices with the power concentrated to the South and sprinkled around the West and North. Official announcements on the Committees tomorrow.


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