A Congestion Problem Worth Having?

Rail congestion



Freight Rail congestion
Freight Rail congestion



Most days cities will spend time untangling their congested roading network. In the example it is the case of untangling the congested freight rail network.


Currently only a single set of double mains serve as the rail freight link in and out of Layton City as well as the Port – City Centre link. The problem is the rail network is that efficient in moving goods across the link the double main gets congested as the Port tracks merge with the Main Freight Line running from the region to the City Centre. You can see the three mains from the Port district joining up with the Main (bottom of the picture) meaning four Lines merge into one double main at the top.

So I have begun building a second duplicate Main running parallel to the existing Main from the junction pictured to Evergreen Heights Cargo Station allowing port traffic to bypass inter-city freight traffic in that area. The next phase is to extend the duplicated main through to Uptown Junction that connects the City Centre Cargo Hub to the Main Freight Line.


As for road congestion most of the map is in a state of ‘condition green’ meaning little major traffic congestion. A few places that are in ‘condition red’ I tend to through better traffic light control phasing or updated transit routes as you can not build your way out of road congestion.


Rail congestion – a good problem to have?