Unbecoming Behaviour from Councillor-Elect Draws Fire

Code of Conduct in question


Being an elected representative means you are held to the highest esteem of public office. That means an elected representative’s conduct needs to be of the highest regard and not brought into disrepute.

Sadly our newly elected Councillor for the Manurewa-Papakura Ward of Auckland Council has a tendency to have a conduct unbecoming moment in a public forum as I am about to share below:


Tears of frustration and we even haven’t got to the 2018 Long Term Plan nor the Auckland Plan review yet.


In any case throwing Local Board members under a bus while having management pull you up for your attitude towards staff is a case of conduct unfit for an elected representative. It is enough to spark a Code of Conduct complaint something I’ll follow-up with soon.


But if Newman cant handle the heat already he should get out of the kitchen for someone who can and did successfully for six years (and even earned an award and citation from the Prime Minister (Regulatory reforms) for it).


(I had already emailed Auckland Transport on the bus stop issue and they answered straight away last week with the same answer Newman had received. Satisified with the answer I thank Auckland Transport and let the matter close). 




4 thoughts on “Unbecoming Behaviour from Councillor-Elect Draws Fire

  1. Brent Catchpole was also a member of the portfolio team and had responsibility for transport. Perhaps he didn’t attend the ‘Secret Meeting’ where it was discussed. Grant Insley and your comments, Ben, are spot on! (Graham Purdy)

  2. Yes, I was one of only two that expressed dismay at his outburst. Seems he may well have blocked all other dissenters? His method of censorship to deny debate? It’s good to see that you have a copy of his post and are in a position to pose the question to the relevant people. It’s almost as if he’s still in his negative geared campaign mode? Maybe he’s angling to depose the remaining Papakura First Team members with his own Action Team members? I have noted that among his fan club is the infamous Cameron Slater, what sort of commendation/credence does that give to his style?

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