Manukau Bus Station High Resolution Renders

Have a look at the Interchange now under construction


While I did post on the Manukau Bus Station just recently since then I asked Auckland Transport for some higher resolution renderings so we could get a better look at what is coming for Manukau.

Thanks to Auckland Transport (and my thanks in return to AT) they have delivered the renderings as well as a notification to the Manukau Station fly through.


From Auckland Transport:

Main construction work starting on Manukau bus station

20/10/2016 04:12 p.m.

manukau bus render
Manukau Bus Station render Source: Auckland Transport

Main construction work on the Manukau bus station will start next week following Auckland Transport awarding the contract to NZ Strong.

The $35 million project will be funded by Auckland Council and the Government through the New Zealand Transport Agency.

NZ Strong was selected as part of a competitive evaluation process which took into consideration the quality of work they agreed to provide within the set project budget.

Auckland Transport’s Group Manager of Capital Works, Andrew Scoggins says NZ Strong understood Auckland Transport’s requirements in their tender submission.

“There was a great deal of interest in the tendering process and NZ Strong demonstrated a commitment to actively provide social and economic opportunities for south Auckland, a key requirement in our tendering process.”

NZ Strong’s Managing Director, Chris Hunter is very proud to have been selected as the main contractor for the Manukau bus station project.

“Winning this tender is important to us as it recognises the hard work of our team on current and previous complex projects. Our teams strive to build trust and respect in the delivery of all our projects and the Manukau bus station will be another complex and challenging project that we will deliver.

“We have a highly skilled team who have successfully delivered other large projects for Auckland Transport. They have the ingredients to deliver a very successful project which will be an important facility for Auckland Transport and the community of south Auckland.”

Get more information on the Manukau bus station and see a video of what it will look like.





Also from Auckland Transport:

Manukau bus station

The Manukau bus station will be at the heart of the new connected public transport network for south Auckland, connecting bus users to trains and other buses.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: South

Project overview

Manukau bus station is a critical component in delivering South Auckland’s new network as part of the more integrated public transport network for all of Auckland.

Find out more about the new public transport network.

  • 23-bay bus station right next to the existing Manukau train station.
  • 21 sawtooth bays and 2 parallel bays (for additional capacity).
  • Built on the site of the Civic Building car park, on Putney Way (between Davies Avenue and Osterley Way).
  • Universally accessible.
  • Bike parking racks, taxi parking and drop-and-ride area.
  • Convenience kiosks and AT Metro customer service centre.
  • 24-hour security, help points and CCTV.
  • Real time passenger information.
  • Waiting lounge, toilets, and bus staff office facilities.
  • Improves bus-rail and bus-bus connections and provides for passenger transfer between bus and rail services.
  • Supports the increased volume and movement of buses to and from Manukau and the wider network.
  • Provides a key regional bus destination, eg those currently using Leyton Way at Westfield, and will allow people to transfer to regional bus services.
  • Contributes to transforming the Manukau city centre into a metropolitan centre as envisaged by the Auckland Plan.


AT will deliver this project in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency at the expected construction cost of $26 million (approx).


2014 – Initial design process.
2015 – Public engagement and developed design.
– Enabling works and construction.
2017 (2nd half) – Completion and opening.




The high resolution renders (click for high resolution pictures):





It looks like the final renderings have changed from the renderings that went out for consultation last year. From the layout and video fly through the internal structure layout of the Bus Station I am pretty happy with. Could even go further and say it is the larger version to what I proposed in that consultation period.


What I proposed internally:


Basically the difference the retail, cafe, AT-Service Office and enclosed waiting area go right across the Bus Station rather than one part in my own design with a large open waiting area taking up the rest. So credit to AT on better space utilisation with a full suite of products at the bus station. Of course a bug bear is the sawtooth design rather than a linear layout of the bus stops.


As for turning the Bus Station into a multi-use facility with apartments or offices over the top or next door? Apparently the Bus Station is future proofed for it


Still, can’t wait to walk through the completed station in 12 months time. 🙂