UPDATE: Fireworks at Howick Local Board. By-election Confirmed

By-election sparked after resignation (to cost ~70k)


I thought Right-Wingers always go on about how they are meant to be fiscally conservative for Ratepayers and/or Taxpayers?

Well Howick is about to cost the Auckland Ratepayer some coin with a by-election triggered by a Local Board member resigning pretty much minutes after being sworn in.


From The Times (note this will be updated through the day as more comes to hand):


Just minutes after the board was sworn in, and votes for the new chairman were made, Lucy Schwaner walked out after narrowly missing out on winning the chairmanship. Her husband MP Jami-Lee Ross followed close behind a clearly upset Ms Schwaner.

Within half and hour, she had sent out a media release officially resigning as a member of the Howick Local Board.

In the statement, Ms Schwaner says she resigned as she has no confidence in the chairmanship of David Collings.

“I sought the chair’s role on the Howick Local Board to help to restore public confidence in the Board after three years of an unprofessional leadership style that has not served Howick well.

“My resignation takes effect immediately. Attached is a copy of my resignation letter.”

Ms Schwaner says she sent an email to all members of the Howick Local Board last Sunday outlining why she sought change in the leadership of the Howick Local Board in the interests of Howick.

……..After her departure from the Uxbridge Theatre, the newly-sworn in members nominated former deputy chairman Adele White and Katrina Bungard for the post on the new board. Bungard easily took the vote in a show of hands to become the new deputy. Then member Jim Donald stood to declare that Mr Ross had phoned three people in the community in a bid to have them sway Mr Donald to vote for Ms Schwaner. Mrs Bungard also stood up to denounce bullying.

We are seeking comment from both the newly-returned chair David Collings and MP Jami-Lee Ross.

There will be more on this story tomorrow as we continue to follow the fallout and seek reaction from all those involved.


Source: http://www.times.co.nz/front-page-feature/fireworks-lucy-schwaner-resigns-from-board-minutes-after-being-sworn-in.html


The resignation by law triggers a by-election on the Howick Local Board although contained to the Botany sub-division of the Local Board area.

While the by-election will cost Ratepayers the allegations made against National Mp Jami-Lee Ross are pretty serious.

UPDATE: According to Howick Councillor Dick Quax the by-election is set to cost Auckland Ratepayers $60-70k. 


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More on this as it happens through the day.