Auckland Transport Reply on Great South Road, Takanini Issues. Bus Lanes Coming!

Plans are there, all subject to cash


Just after the Local Government Elections there was a rather large spiel in one of the Papakura Facebook community pages about the traffic on the Great South Road between Papakura and the Takanini Motorway Interchange no matter what day of the week it is.


Consequently I sent off a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request to Auckland Transport on what they have in mind to help relieve the pressures on that section of the Great South Road.

Auckland Transport replied today with a pretty comprehensive response to the LGOIMA.

In short:

  1. They explained the issues in question one and what they would like to see done to relieve the pressures on the Great South Road
  2. Question two looked at the list of projects AT would like done but all subject to funding – the cash!
  3. Question three was on cycle lanes to which again AT would like a dedicated separated cycle-way facility on the Great South Road
  4. Question four was the real surprise in that bus lanes have been suggested for implementation in 2017 – subject to consultation




The LGOIMA can be also viewed here: LGOIMA on Great South Road


A big thanks to Auckland Transport for the comprehensive reply to the Great South Road issue. While it is always a issue of funding seeing that bus lanes are on the way next for the 33 Great South Road bus will bring more confidence and certainty for transit users between Papakura and Manukau City Centre. Enough so that even I would now use the 33 bus between Papakura to Manukau for a spot of shopping avoiding the mess that is the Southern Motorway in place of waiting for the Manukau rail South Link.


Papakura Busses under new network Source: Auckland Transport
Papakura Busses under new network
Source: Auckland Transport