Manukau Special Housing Area (8 Pacific) Under-way

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Good news on the housing supply front. I was returning back from Manukau City Centre and noticed large earthworks as well as active diggers at the Manukau Special Housing Area site known as 8 Pacific.


Manukau SHA site and in comparison to where it is
Manukau SHA site and in comparison to where it is


8 Pacific is the (or was the if any larger SHA’s had come out since) largest Special Housing area for a Brownfield area (i.e already in an existing urban area) – where as Wesley College SHA is the largest Greenfield (rural land to urban) SHA (and the largest of all SHA’s at 4,500). 8 Pacific is five minutes from Manukau City Centre (20 if you walk) and is right next to Wero Whitewater Rafting facility.

As I was on the motorway I do not have any pictures of the earthworks but will try to get some in the weekend. With the earthworks underway now I am hoping to see the first houses ready by this time next year. Excellent news indeed.



Pacific Rise information:

Special Housing Area approval granted to Gaze Property Partnerships’ 8 Pacific Development

 September 1, 2015

One announcement in the latest round of Auckland’s Special Housing Areas is a boon for the greater Manukau region, through the approval of Gaze Property Partnerships’ ‘8 Pacific’ development. Located next to the Vodafone Events Centre, 8 Pacific will set a quality precedent for future mixed-use communities.

8 Pacific has been thoughtfully designed and will be carried out under the Auckland Housing Accord, which was developed by Auckland Council in conjunction with the Government to address Auckland’s housing shortage.

The comprehensively master-planned community development, which sits on a 9.2 hectare site, will include approximately 850 new homes, with provision for retirement living, plus student and hotel accommodation. 8 Pacific will address current demand with a mix of housing types from two-bedroom terraced houses, townhouses and apartments, to larger four-bedroom homes. The planned development will be valued at more than $400 million on completion of the build-out.

Chris Jones, Gaze Property Partnerships executive director says the development will be a catalyst to improving community outcomes in the wider area. “We’re pleased to have received Special Housing Area designation for 8 Pacific and look forward to making a quality contribution at scale to meet current and growing pressures on Auckland housing supply and affordability.

“We have been and will continue to work closely with the Housing Project Office and greatly appreciate the assistance and direction provided by their specialist team. Gaze Property Partnerships understands the ingredients of success, both commercially and socially – 8 Pacific will be a great example of our 30-plus years of expertise in leveraging property partnerships to create valuable contributions to the community.”

Situated next to the Manukau CBD, 8 Pacific is well-placed with a full range of public transport offerings and even adjoins the National Cycleway. The community, which will have its own governing body and residents association, will benefit from the significant nearby employment and education opportunities – from the growing Wiri industrial area, Manukau Super Clinic, new Wero Kayak Park and Vodafone Events Centre, to nearby university campuses. Reserves and local parks such as the Botanical Gardens, and community hub included within the development will complement 8 Pacific’s strong community and open space.

The land is currently vacant with all necessary servicing infrastructure already available and construction is targeted to commence as soon as possible in the 2016 earthworks season. Gaze Property Partnerships has already lodged resource consent for the total land development, with Stage 1 of housing to include 18 apartments, and 20 terrace and townhouses. Beyond Stage 1 the subdivision development will include earthworks, road network, parks, a community hub and the creation of approximately 12 further super lots for subsequent housing development.

Beyond land development, it is intended that the first residential housing will be ready for habitation by the end of 2017, and the entire land subdivision development will be completed within two to three years. The ongoing delivery of housing will continue to be rolled out as soon as possible during this time and beyond.

8 Pacific Fact Sheet

  • 8 Pacific is located at 834 Great South Road and 10 Pacific Events Centre Drive, Manukau, Auckland;
  • Gaze Property Partnerships was granted Special Housing Area designation for the 8 Pacific development on Thursday 27 August, 2015;
  • Working in conjunction with the Auckland Housing Accord, prime use of the land has been identified in developing a new and fully-serviced community with 850+ homes, including a retirement village, plus two hotels  and/or potential student accommodation are all proposed as part of the 8 Pacific development;
  • 8 Pacific has multiple potential development options which are essential in Auckland – a rapidly growing city which constitutes 31% of the country’s population;
  • 8 Pacific sits within a 9.2 hectare pocket of prime, high-profile and un-developed land next to the Southern junction of Auckland’s motorway network and adjacent to the Vodafone Events Centre;
  • Gaze Property Partnerships has a team of experts that have been involved in the property market for more than 30 years.



About Gaze 

Gaze, founded by David Gaze, has been successfully delivering property partnership opportunities across industrial, retail, residential and commercial sectors since 1990.

The specialist team at Gaze Property Partnerships, led by executive director Chris Jones, is focused on leveraging its 30+ years’ expertise in successful property partnerships to create valuable contributions to communities across New Zealand. Gaze Property Partnerships has an appetite for growth with a growing pipeline of property partnership projects, and actively considers potential projects on an ongoing basis – offering advisory services or participating in partnerships as equity partners.



Source: More Information on the Manukau Special Housing Area