Auckland Rural Restricted Fire Season Starts

Permit needed


That time of year again when rural fires need a permit.

From Auckland Council:

Restricted fire season begins this week

A restricted fire season will come into force for the mainland of the Auckland Rural Fire District from Thursday 1 December.

As usual the fire season changes come into force as we head into the summer months, in response to the drier and windier conditions. The restricted fire season means you can light a fire by permit only in mainland rural areas. A total fire ban or prohibited fire season applies for the Hauraki Gulf Islands.

For an overview of the changes see our change of fire season video.

The public should view the Auckland Council Rural Fire pages when planning to have a fire at

“We want to encourage everyone to check it’s alright before you light,” says Auckland Council Principal Rural Fire Officer Bryan Cartelle.

“Use the easy online address locator to check what requirements are needed for your property. It’s simple and there’s tons of handy information and guidance all in one place.”

The four things to remember when planning a fire are:

  • Check permissions at
  • Burn only dry vegetation
  • Supervise the fire at all times
  • Have water available to put out the fire if it escapes

If you live in an urban area, you can have a small cooking or heating fires if these are used in a safe and considerate manner and you don’t create a smoke nuisance.

Council will be issuing fire permits for the region; fire management advice and permits are free of charge.

For information on fire safety and tips for the safe lighting of open air fires or follow Auckland Rural Fire on Facebook.

Anyone who sees a suspicious fire should call the fire service immediately on 111.




Be fire wise this Summer!