What was Decided in the Council Finance Committee

9 hours!


Apart from Councillor Mike Lee saying bollocks to Mayor Phil Goff over Auckland Transport (was loud enough for the live stream to hear and stop the meeting cold for a few minutes) this is what the Council Finance Committee decided on:

Decision digest | Finance and Performance Committee

14 December 2016

Finance and Performance Committee agree Annual Budget consultation items

A bumper final Finance and Performance Committee meeting of 2016 made decisions on a number of topics, including the consultation items for the 2017-2018 Annual Budget, and letters of expectation for Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs).

Following discussion, the committee confirmed topics for the 2017/2018 Annual Budget consultation, the major items are:

  • Introduction of a visitor levy,
  • Growth infrastructure targeted rates,
  • Pausing the Long-term differential strategy for one year and
  • A rates increase of 2.5 per cent.

In addition, a number of other topics were agreed to be included in the consultation document.

Consultation on the Annual Budget will take place over one month, from February 27 to March 27 2017.

The items will now be confirmed by the council’s Governing Body on Thursday.

The committee also provided feedback on draft letters of expectation for CCOs, and agreed to them being finalised by Mayor Phil Goff and Councillors Ross Clow and Desley Simpson through their roles as Chair and Deputy Chair of the Finance and Performance Committee.

Committee Chair, Councillor Ross Clow says that the decisions made yesterday put the council on the right path to tackle the important work required in 2017.

“From our Annual Budget through to the performance of the council and the CCOs, the meeting dealt with a number of significant items that will see a renewed focus in the New Year.

“While it is very much business as usual following the election, we are wasting no time in focussing on improving the council’s performance, and supporting the mayor’s priorities. The Finance and Performance Committee has a significant role to play in order to achieve those goals.”

The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.


Other items discussed at the meeting were:

Items 1-3 were administrative items and there were no petitions (Item 4), Public input (Item 5), Local Board Input (Item 6), extraordinary business (Item 7) or notices of motion (Item 8).

Item 9: Disposals Recommendation Report

The committee agreed to dispose of the land at 150 Mt Wellington Highway, subject to statutory process.


Item 10: Council-controlled organisations first quarter report for 30 September 2016 

The committee received reports from the CCOs that included highlights and achievements, as well as time for questions.


Item 11: Auckland Council organisation report for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 September 2016

The committee received the report, noting a number of highlights and achievements over the period.


Item 12: Te Toa Takitini – Quarter One Māori Responsiveness portfolio report

The committee received the report noting a number of areas of progress on key portfolio projects and that the next report to the committee will have a refocused reporting format.


Item 13: Auckland Council Group first quarter financial results to 30 September 2016

The committee received the report, noting, amongst other things, that debt continues to be managed within prudent limits.


Item 14: Third Quarterly Report on Non-Rateable Property Rating Treatment

The committee received the report, noting the progress of the review so far.


Item 15: Auckland Council’s submission on the Rates Rebate (Retirement Village Residents) Amendment Bill

The committee received the report.


Item 16: Budget update December 2016

The committee agreed to approve up to $104,000 for the operating budget for the Howick Local Board by-election, and approved the release of $2.7 million for the Putney Way streetscape.


Item 17: Approval of the Audit New Zealand audit engagement and review engagement letters

The committee approved the letters.


Item 18: Approval of the 31 December 2016 half year pro forma financial statements and accounting policies

The committee approved the recommendations, adopting the pro forma financial statements and delegated authority to councillors.


Item 19: Final Management Report on the audit of Auckland Council for the year ended 30 June 2016

The committee noted the report and recommendations contained within.


Item 20: Delegation for approval of releasing interim and full-year group results to New Zealand Stock Exchange

The committee delegated authority to the chair and deputy chair of the Finance and Performance committee.



Also today the Panuku Development Auckland Board meets to adopt the Transform Manukau Framework Plan. It goes to the Planning Committee on March 17 next year.


Manukau City Centre Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015
Manukau City Centre
Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015