Auckland Transport’s Manukau Bus Station Now Delayed Until 2018. UPDATED

Poor project management

Updated with response from Auckland Transport



It seems again the Manukau Bus Station (the key lynch-pin to the South Auckland Bus Network) has been delayed in opening from late 2017 until sometime in 2018. That means the bus station that was originally meant to be open in late 2016 will be open some 18 months (and about four design changes (that were still rejected in consultation (see pictures below)) later) after the original completion date.




This is the current progress of Manukau Bus Station which was pretty much the same in the beginning of December when I was last there:


I wonder how much the delay will cost us this time?


Also I am very well aware that Panuku Development Auckland who are overseeing the Transform Manukau urban regeneration project got the budget brought back for the Putney Way streetscape project so that it is completed when the bus station is (finally) completed.

Originally the Putney Way streetscape was meant to be done at the same time as the bus station. However, Auckland Transport managed to get the streetscaping shunted off the program leaving everyone else dumbfounded (also meant the street would need to be dug up twice rather than once) until Panuku got the streetscaping back into the program last month at the Governing Body of Auckland Council (the Finance Committee).


Thank you Panuku for getting that project back into the original program.


As for Auckland Transport I would be questioning their project management over the bus station given the redesigns and constant delays. It also means I do not trust AT in any way with the place making role the Planning Committee gave to them. If anything Panuku as a full urban development authority should be the lead in place making with Auckland Transport following behind if we are to avoid messes such as the bus station again.



Response from Auckland Transport

Hi Ben, the original expected completion date of 2017 was a best estimate made before the tender process had finished. It’s common for construction projects like this to have their completion dates altered after the tendering process. The final completion date of the second quarter of 2018 was arrived at after reviewing the construction programme with the contractor to allow more time for IT commissioning and facility testing. Following the opening of the new Otahuhu Station and the implementation of the Sothern New Network it was also decided that more time would be needed to allow for driver training. This will make sure the drivers are completely familiar with the slightly altered route and the layout of the station. 


Also there is still the issue of those rail frequencies as well in the new March timetable: Auckland Transport Refuse in Improve Rail Frequencies


Manukau Bus Station render Source: Auckland Transport
Manukau Bus Station render
Source: Auckland Transport