Mayoral Housing Taskforce Leaves Out Two Biggest Players

Housing NZ and Panuku missing from Taskforce


Earlier today I had posted on the establishment of a housing task force by Mayor Phil Goff: Mayoral Taskforce to Look at Housing Issue in Auckland.

Todd Niall from Housing New Zealand wrote a little bit more on the issue later in the morning with this to say:

Auckland housing taskforce meets for first time

11:58 am today. Todd Niall Auckland Correspondent @toddniall

A task force has started a behind closed doors meeting to find ways to speed-up home building in Auckland.

The city’s mayor, Phil Goff, convened the group, which includes property developers, a bank, construction companies and officials from two government ministries.


……..The idea of a mayoral task force on housing supply was floated in December, immediately after Mr Goff rejected housing strategist Leonie Freeman’s proposal for a new entity to devise how to get more housing and ensure it was built.

Working papers for today’s meeting and the names of participants have not yet been released.

The Auckland Council taskforce members are Mr Goff, his deputy, Bill Cashmore, planning committee chairperson Chris Darby and two council housing officials.

Other mayoral taskforce participants:

  • Auckland Council
  • Auckland Transport
  • BNZ
  • Fletcher Construction
  • Institute of Architects
  • Master Builders
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ministry for the Environment
  • NZ Housing Foundation
  • Ockham
  • Sapere Research Group
  • Sense (The consultancy of economist Shamubeel Eaqub)
  • Stevenson Group
  • Todd Property Group
  • Treasury
  • Willis Bond & Co




I notice two rather large names are missing from that list. They being the Council’s property and development arm Panuku Development Auckland (a Council Controlled Organisation with its own Board and Management just like Auckland Transport) and Housing New Zealand (a rather large property owner and developer that I would treat as a very separate entity and not bung with a Ministry such as MBIE given Housing NZ not MBIE do the physical developments).

Both Panuku and Housing NZ would be the respective largest public property owners and developers in Auckland when it comes to land being able to be developed (or redeveloped) in housing. Housing NZ are in full flight developing and redeveloping their land with new housing (via intensification) while Panuku are going through the motions with their Transform, Unlock and Support urban regeneration programs that lay the foundation for more housing via intensification.


To leave out both Panuku and Housing NZ of the housing taskforce seems rather odd if not very silly. Both have their own Boards and management so I would treat them independent like Auckland Transport are out of respect and not lug either with another larger group such as MBIE or Auckland Council. Auckland Council and MBIE don’t build yhr housing, Panuku and Housing NZ do.

So to Mayor Phil Goff please include representatives from Panuku Development Auckland, and Housing New Zealand. They are the ones (at least as on the public sector front) wearing the consequences of the task force’s recommendations to housing supply. Might as well have them there as a result.


Concepts of the Milford apartments as part of a mixed use development. Source: Transport Blog
Concepts of the Milford apartments as part of a mixed use development.
Source: Transport Blog